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First Post and Ranting

Hey there, everyone!

I'm Kiffie, happy (most of the time) owner of a black '68 hardtop.

We call her Voodoo -- not because of the colour, but because no one can ever read her license plate!


If you looked at the pic, you can probably see that the wipers don't match up, and that the car is horrendously low to the ground. The previous owner cut the shocks and put on different wheels altogether (!). Compounding that, the muffler is not stock, and if the car is ever towed, it needs to be picked up tail-first to avoid the pipe coming off against the street. So she does need some work.

The car was rear-ended not too long ago by a Thunderbird who couldn't see it (I like to think we're not THAT low), and the entire rear end had to be replaced and the rest of the car realligned. Though, I did find out that the car was previously a deep stock green before its black coat was put on!

Speaking of green Ghias...

A link to my favorite Ghia site on the web: Essence of Ghia, home of Ghiapet!
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