Rude Mechanical (igzmeister) wrote in karmann_ghias,
Rude Mechanical

KG's Day Out

Been pretty quiet around here.

Took my car out for the first time in a long time along with my dad's Beetle to join the local VW motorcade and GWR attempt.

Nice to see lots of Ghia's there, especially that rare '58 gem with the original accessory grille.

It was supposed to be just a short run down two main avenues but the sheer number of cars made it last for a good two hours. For those curious, the total count was 818 vw's (all makes and models), so unless I'm mistaken, that ought to be a new record.

I was #54 but the certificate says I'm number #69. Hahaha.

pics after the cut.

'58 low light with the Alfa grille (that is one ecstatic owner)

the parade
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